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“Angela, great job on this case!! Bringing it to a quick settlement with a minimum cost is a super result.  We really appreciate your efforts on our behalf.”  
-  Board Member, Self Insured Group

​"This is so awesome Angela!  Thank you for everything you do for our group. Your passion for what you do shows in your results and in the happiness of the people you have working with you."
- Board Member, Self Insured Group

"It is a huge honor to work with you Angela. There are few people I come across in my professional life who are making a difference and getting results. You are an absolute rock star. Thank you for everything you have done for this group and in the lives of all of these people who are enjoying their jobs more because of YOU!" 
-  Board Member, Self Insured Group

"I am so happy that you are handling the Group's claims.  You have made such an incredible improvement in getting the claims closed and the reserves being accurate.  You always know what's going on with the claims.  It all seemed like smoke and mirrors to me before, but now I can read the reports and the results are as good as expected, or better.  Thank you for doing such an outstanding job, it is really appreciated." 
– Board Member, Self Insured Employer
"Thank you for the fabulous job you are doing for us!!" 
– Board Member, Self Insured Employer

“Angela is a tremendous asset to have on your side if you are in need of TPA/claim management or auditing expertise. She is extremely knowledgeable about the California workers’ compensation industry... from the law to best practices to claim evaluation and resolution. She is extremely strategic, organized and detail oriented, so her projects are executed flawlessly. I have enjoyed working with Angela and highly recommend her expertise.”
- Claims Executive, National Workers' Compensation Carrier
“I should have sent this long ago. I wanted to but was afraid for some weird reason. I still watch what you are doing and take note. You earned our respect and in claims that's not always easy. You are a good person to learn from. But it needs to be said to you because the way you handle things, deference of opinions and other issues is a good example. I'm learning. I am used to working with people who know me well and not always paying attention to my word choice or tone because they know me well enough to not be offended or interpret my question as a negative rather than a question. So this morning I thought I need to be more like Angela no one thought she was mean when she asked questions and disagreed. I'm practicing. But thank you for always treating us with respect.”
- TPA Adjuster

 “I am going to tell you something. I was one type of adjuster before we crossed paths. Before I met you, I was the adjuster who bitched, moaned and complained about how many claims I had, about what support I didn't get, about the system, you name it. I came to work just to collect a paycheck and blame anyone else for my own shortcomings as an adjuster. I was going through the motions.  Here comes ALC into to the picture, demanding that adjusters be proactive about their work, and stuff.  My initial reaction was to say, who the hell are these people to come in tell us how to do our jobs? Lo and behold, once we started to see the recommendations be right on point, sensible, reasonable. I realized I was not the adjuster I could be. I had two choices: a) bitch, moan and complain or b) do the work. Well, I have to say that you were the catalyst for me completely re-doing my work ethic. Not only did you spark the change in me, you have been an ardent supporter of both the adjusters and our client, you have been a positive influence in the way I approach my work. I come in to work every day looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead and I do it with a smile on my face and you have been a large part of that. I thank you. There have been two people in my professional career that have been transformative and extremely influential. You are one those people.  Angela, thank you for being that catalyst for me.”  
- TPA Adjuster
"Thank you Angela.  I am happy to be able to work with you and your group is Awesome." 
– TPA Adjuster

“You were the ray of light that came to our company.  You make adjustors want to be better. You made ME better. I am trying really hard to pay it forward. Me and my co-supervisor were devastated when you left us and we would always ask ourselves… “what would Angela do” in this situation or in that situation. That’s what kept us going.  You’re the best!” 
- TPA Supervisor

“YOU are a great thing. I just need to tell you how much I appreciate you and your team's help and work on the files. It is great working with you Angela.”
- TPA Unit Manager

"Angela is truly one of the top workers’ compensation claims experts in the State of California.  She has a tremendous ability to see the big picture and use her expertise to make meaningful recommendations to aggressively manage files and bring the files to a quick resolution.  Angela also has her finger on the pulse of the entire work comp industry and is able to clearly identify trends in the business and work with the TPAs to pro actively deal with these trends and make adjustments on claims handling strategies.  Angela and her staff work as a team with the TPA to bridge the communication gap between the employer and the TPA.  Angela and her team do a fine job of working with the TPA to produce great results, which help everyone succeed and meet their goals.  Angela is an absolute pro." 
– TPA Claims Manager

"This is typically a thankless job, so I must say that all your encouraging words do make one feel pretty good.  It is pretty rare from my experience in this industry to get any sort of accolades regardless of how you perform.  I think your methods light a fire under your team and this is part of the reason for the results." 
- Workers' Compensation Defense Attorney​

 "When defense attorneys are advised that their file handling may be audited by an outside agency, the first feeling is one of dread, the second one of concern, and the third, one of defensiveness. I was one of those defense attorneys—not because I am necessarily concerned with my file handling—but because there will always be those armchair quarterbacks who believe they would have done it differently—and better. And yet, my experience working with Angela could not be more removed from what I anticipated.  She provided valuable oversight into not just the file handling but its relationship to the underlying reserve and premium issues.  She was a welcome partner rather than intruder.  She was not a “talking head” dictating what had to be done—she listened to my opinion and considered it in making her recommendations.  She facilitated resolution of claims by carefully reviewing claim statuses, attorneys’ recommendations, and staffing files towards closure.  She does not “top sheet” any file but instead, when she requests that a file is staffed, she is armed with a complete understanding of the claim. In other words, I no longer think of her as an auditor but a partner and facilitator.  I cannot go so far as to say that I would welcome the participation of any auditor in the future, but would certainly welcome any from ALC." 
- Workers' Compensation Defense Attorney

“I have had the opportunity to work extensively with ALC.  I have seen tremendous results by Angela and her team as they have identified and cleaned up significant problems that my clients were having related to high litigation costs, extended life of claims, reserving issues, and claims management.  In resolving these problems, Angela and her team have shown a strong work ethic, passion, as well as the special skill of promoting teamwork and healthy relationships with the adjusters, claims managers, and attorneys.  There is no question that the approach taken by Angela and her team fosters a productive work environment and great results.  ” 
- Workers' Compensation Defense Attorney​​